Colorado Prescription Monitoring Program

Welcome to the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy’s Electronic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).

The PDMP is available for online queries from the following Colorado licensed individuals:
• Physicians;
• Dentists;
• Physician Assistants;
• Veterinarians;
• Pharmacists;
• Nurses with Prescriptive Authority;
• Podiatrists;
• Optometrists;
• Resident Physicians with Training Licenses.

The Electronic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program was originally authorized by law in 2005 and reauthorized in 2011(C.R.S Title 12, Article 42.5, Part 4). The PDMP provides a secure database of controlled substance prescriptions that have been dispensed by registered Colorado pharmacies. The purpose of the database is to provide objective information to assist prescribers and pharmacists in providing appropriate treatment for their patients. The program allows practitioners and pharmacists to gather information about the patients they serve and to ensure that their prescribing and dispensing is appropriate for the circumstances presented.

The information collected by the PDMP is only accessible online by the above listed license types. Patients may receive their own personal PDMP data by submitting a written request form available from the “Consumers” tab. Law Enforcement officials may submit requests to receive PDMP data, via the forms available in the “Law Enforcement” tab. A court order or subpoena is required for such release. Regulatory Boards within the Division of Professions and Occupations or the Director of the Division of Professions and Occupations may obtain prescriber data. Here again, a court order or subpoena is required to affect such release.

The information in the PDMP is considered a medical record, and falls into the statutory provisions concerning policies, procedures, and references to the release, sharing, and use of medical records and health information. Those licensees with online accounts are asked to please remember that they may not share their user name or password, office staff may not utilize the PDMP on their behalf, and they may only access information on patients they are caring for. The law provides that individuals that inappropriately access, utilize, or release information from the PDMP may be fined.

Each prescriber must disclose to patients for whom he/she is prescribing a controlled substance that the patient’s prescription information will be loaded into the PDMP and may be queried by authorized individuals. Each pharmacy must disclose to patients who are receiving controlled substances that their prescription information will be loaded into the PDMP and may be queried by authorized individuals.

The Colorado State Board of Pharmacy has contracted with Health Information Designs (HID) to administer the database and manage the collection of the data. All information is transferred to and from the database via a secure web portal or secure file transfer.

Users of the PDMP may contact the Helpdesk with questions at 1-855-263-6403.

Colorado State Board of Pharmacy PDMP program staff may be reached via email at pdmpinqr@

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